Who am I?

My calling in this life is to serve children. That means that I will be doing things in my life that will improve the lives of children because it’s what makes me happy. It inspires me. I connect with them easily. I appreciate the joy and spontaneity that they bring daily. I love that I’m never bored. And I like to teach how to do something. In return, children challenge me and bring me joy more often than anyone else can. Children bring joy because they let go of things easily. It’s a gift to let go of things easily. It’s harder to let go as an adult.

As a result of my inspiration, I wanted to create a blog where we can start conversations about children. Your children. A blog where I can somehow help because I like to help and because I know some things about child- rearing and how to handle things. I like to share information and, in return, I get to work at something that I love. It’s a privilege to be able to do that.

And so, I am here, at your service…here to answer questions that may help you or may help your neighbor. And as we open up conversation, and open up threads, some thread may be of great value to someone else because we never know who we may be helping out!

#zerotohero #parenting #parents #school #children #education

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