It Takes A Village

Welcome! My name is Ingrid and I’m here to help you. Are you a parent? If so, then you’ve landed in a good place. You see I’m a teacher, and I have taught at a public elementary school for the past 8 years. I have recently left the classroom, but I continue to work with children. I have written a book that calls for education reform…so much reform that I’d basically like to scrap what we have and start over. It’s called, The Death of Public Schools.

As my work transitions, I’m going to be posting about things I think will help you, the parents. And as we have just embarked upon an unprecedented time in our human evolution with the coronavirus, I believe, parents will need more help now than ever, as schools are cancelled around the country. Most of us are feeling fearful of this unknown, but we can get through anything together. I’m here to remind you of this and to offer solutions and advice to the best of my ability.

I encourage you to leave comments, to spark conversation, and to be kind. As we share information, counsel, advice, suggestions, and questions, we’ll start to raise children as a village, which is the best way to do it. We don’t have to do it alone. Actually, we shouldn’t do it alone. And so we begin…

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