Home Schooling 102

Set up a chart or list in your child’s bedroom. Write out the specific actions or expectations that you have for your child. It can detail the morning routine, the whole day routine, or home rules that must be followed. It can be on a piece of poster board or even a piece of paper that you can have your child decorate. The point is that a child needs to see the rules or expectations before she or he can remember them and act accordingly. This is why teachers set up classroom rules that are visible at the beginning of the school year.

Encourage your children to help each other. If you have more than one child, you can teach them how to help one another with small tasks. In the classroom, teachers encourage children to help all the time. It teaches them responsibility, how to master something, and divides up the work. The next time your youngest child needs help logging onto a website, ask your eldest to help log him or her onto the website. And it doesn’t always have to look like the eldest helping the youngest. Every child has gifts and talents. Maybe your youngest is very good at art and can assist the eldest, who may not be as confident about his or her creativity. This, in turn, helps you out as well.

Keep them moving. Children need movement throughout the day. Bookmark some Youtube exercise videos for kids (Gonoodle is great) and allow for your child to access these for short 10-minute videos of exercise. It will help get some energy out, keep them busy, and give you a breather. And they are guilt-free T.V. or Youtube watching.

One thought on “Home Schooling 102

  1. I love the tip on having siblings help each other. Our girls do that, and it fosters trust and it reinforces what each does well. Thanks for the great advice!

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