Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week in the U.S. I believe that more parents around the country are probably appreciating teachers more now than ever before.

Probably the most valuable virtue that a teacher has is patience. Teachers have to be patient. They have to be patient with children that are learning something new, seeing something for the first time, or trying something for the first time. Sometimes it’s learned quickly and sometimes it’s not. And a teacher has to be patient in order to re-think, re-direct, and re-visualize because often things don’t go according to plan. And when things don’t go as planned, one must change direction and adapt.

We are in the process of learning new things, trying new things, and seeing things for the first time as a society, as a culture, and as a human race. We are changing direction more than ever now and we are adapting to something new. And this calls for patience. Patience with yourself, your family, your children, everybody, and everything else.

Patience doesn’t come easily. Patience looks like taking a deep breath often. So do it today. Practice it today. Take deep breaths several times. If you need patience with your children, then go take a 5 minute break by yourself. Go to the bathroom for 5 minutes, go outside for 5 minutes, go in your closet for 5 minutes. Give yourself the minuscule amount of time and space. Then re-think, re-direct, and re-visualize where you’re headed. It will serve you and your family. And teachers do it all the time…so your breaks are teacher-approved!

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