The Unknown

If you’re a parent right now, you’ve probably been thinking about what you’re going to do with your children over the summer. And I’m sure you’ve also ventured to think about what next year may look like…much to your dismay. And there aren’t any answers.

As far as we know, the leader of our district, Mr. Carvalho, hasn’t announced anything regarding the next school year. There is talk of full implementation as usual, or a sort of scaffolding, or block scheduling whereby your child may not be able to go to school every day. This is very stressful. There are so many things to consider: your needs as parents, your wants as parents, and the needs and wants of your children. And last but not least, there is also the safety of your children and family to consider.

My advice to you, as parents, is two-fold. My first piece of advice is to acknowledge and accept that things aren’t returning to normal. The sooner you can get comfortable with this, then the sooner you can move on. Education is going to look different. And this could be a very good thing for our education system. Let’s have faith.

My second piece of advice is to be patient and to trust. Things aren’t going to change overnight. Change is slow. Things will take time to develop into new things. We will need to be patient with this change. We will need to trust that all is as it should be. And you will need to trust that you are making the best decisions you see fit, as a parent, with the information given to you in this moment. Trust your thinking, trust your gut, trust yourselves.

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