Hello Summer!

I’d like to start by congratulating the class of 2020! Whether your child has graduated from Kindergarten or from high school, this year holds a special place in all of our hearts. Despite the hardships and despite the unknown, you have made it! Take a moment and celebrate. Celebrate with your child! Teach them to stop and smell the roses.

And now, as discussed previously, what to do about summer? With travel limitations, summer camp limitations and all sorts of enrichment limitations, what can you do to make the most out of your child’s summer in these uncertain and difficult times?

Begin by asking your child what she or he wants. What does a good summer look like to them? Make sure to ask when you have their full attention in order to get a genuine answer. Have them write it down. It can be a paragraph or a list. Put it up somewhere so that they see it and it’s progression throughout the summer. And then, do your best, and go find what they would like!

Maybe this summer is about your child spending more time with cousins and playing indoors. Maybe just one cousin. Maybe they get to be bookworms at home if they love to read. Maybe they can play virtually with friends, even though you don’t love the idea of video games. Maybe there is a sport you can enroll them in, or a private or small-group class. Everyone is facing the same concerns about health and well-being, and each family’s response will be unique. Respect it. While I know that it’s harder this year, everyone is thinking about how to make it work. Use your networks to find information. Parents are looking for activities and plenty of teachers are looking to teach.

Reach out to teachers you may know. They may be looking for some extra income. Buy some activity or enrichment books on Amazon that will give your child something to work on. A little every day goes a long way. And good luck!

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