Private Teacher

I help your child with certain academic subjects, help to develop good study habits, and teach test-taking skills.

I specialize in Reading and Reading Comprehension for all ages.
I teach in-person and via Zoom/Facetime. $60-75 per hour, depending on frequency.

Writing Coach

I can teach your child how to write well! I begin with the basics of learning how to answer a question completely and appropriately to writing a 5-paragraph essay, with citation skills. I also enjoy developing creative writing.

I teach writing to all ages.
I teach in-person and via Zoom. $60-75 per hour, depending on frequency.

Mindfulness Camp

Join me and my colleague, Laura Jaramillo, this summer for our first Mindfulness Camp! We’ve developed a 7-week program where we’ll teach tools for your child to become more mindful, present, calm and accepting.
We’ll have exercises for your child to be able to explore thyself, meditate, visualize, learn about manifestation, journal and learn how to live peacefully in the age of social media.

June 14-July 30
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Different themes every week

Let’s watch together

Watch and learn all about the public school system in Miami-Dade County through these short, informative, and fun videos! I break down each chapter of my book, concisely, to make it easy for you!

Yep…you read that correctly. I read an article where teachers were compared to battered wives and the school system is the abuser. It’s not that far off, as I came to realize. Teaching is a white, female dominated profession. And some argue this is why we are so undervalued and underpaid.
Teachers are “on” all day at school. Teaching demands a special level of energy that I’ve never experienced before. The burnout is REAL and and happening more than ever. 
Let’s talk about 💰!!! I compare a teacher’s salary to other professional salaries to highlight the disparity. Teachers can only afford the bottom 9% of housing in Miami 😱